Dear Roger: Testes! Testes! Does This F’ing Thing Work?

Yes, I totally stole that from a friend of mine who was battling with setting up his outgoing voice mail back in the the day. Unfortunately, it was working and it was working and recording everything he was saying as his outgoing message, so when he gave up in frustration and left his office for the evening, everyone who called into the sheriffs department to reach the public information officer afterwards for a day or so, got that particular greeting of “Testes! Testes! Does this fucking thing work?” Back then, it was laughed at and he was assisted with correcting the technology issue, nowadays it would me a major media event and he would probably be accused of a hate crime against testes or of being a man using technology.

Speaking of men using technology…what to say? A picture that left fangirls (and boys) of all ages around the world giggling their asses off and saying a very Takei influenced “Oh MY!” popped up (oh yes, humor very much intented, that too), including my small daughter! I was sitting here postulating on the possible Joel Grey “Cabaret ” influence and the meaning of the cane and all of the Red, when I noticed my my young daughter had tweeted that boy. I looked over at her, not even realizing she had typed anything and she still had a very odd look on her face. “I don’t understand.” That was the first thing she said to me. She was blushing and had a very odd smile, so I reached over and closed the picture on her desktop and said,”Daughter, I am quite sure you are not the only person in the world he does that to, go play with your monkeys and read your books, we will have this discussion in a few more years.”

After she left the room, still wearing her slightly stunned confused little smile, that picture was discussed and batted around on the interwebz for hours as the endless possibilities and meanings of all things that could possibly be rambling though that boys mind were contemplated, none of which, at least in hte discussions I was privy to were fit topics for an 8 y/o and most werent fit topics for the under 21 , sober crowd. He is the master at inspiring such fun and it was a fun evening full of laughter and wild speculation about all kinds of things, that grown ups tend to talk about when they get the time to get a moment without the trials of life on top of them. My evening was made so much better by the inclusion of an old friend that I have known for most of my life, he was one of the first gay people I ever knew and he was how I KNEW it was not a choice, that it was the way a person was born, because I knew from the time he was 3 years old and wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer that he was different. He survived a lot of things with me, knows a lot of my secrets of my childhood and we share a lot of common pain. He may not be my blood brother, but he is my brother and he is my chosen family and I am glad to have him in my life again. He brightened my world coming back into it and the fact he appreciates looking at some of the same fellas? Hell! I know we will have much to talk about and catch up over.

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One thought on “Dear Roger: Testes! Testes! Does This F’ing Thing Work?

  1. That man does inspire things in women of all ages…
    I know what you mean about choices. I can say I know quite a few kids who are going to surprise their parents. I think the problem is that in our society parents learn to expect certain things from boys and girls, and those expectations ruin everything. Expectations, when not met, can frustrate people. Maybe I’m just odd, having grown up around theater people who are more open-minded, I don’t know. But I know I’m not going to fall into the ‘buy girl toys for girls and boy toys for boys’ kind of thing with my children. They don’t need to grow up on only one side of the fence.
    Cheers to the friends that make up our real family!

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